Glenboig Church was built in 1889 and is a C-listed building. It is of Gothic design with a seating capacity on two levels of up to 400.

There are many Memorials in the Church the largest being a 3 light Stained Glass Window designed by Sadie F.McLellan- renowned as one of the finest stained glass artists of the 20th century - in memory of the Chapman family.

In 1888 Alexander Tait came to Glenboig as a Missionary and soon made a proposal to have Glenboig Mission formed into a full charge. On the 20th August 1889 he was ordained as a Minister and inducted into Glenboig Free Church in full status. In that same year he proposed the building of a new church and manse. Mr Tait and his Congregation of ordinary working people raised the £1200 (in today’s money hundreds of thousands of pounds) to meet the cost.

Mr Tait travelled all over Scotland to raise and collect three quarters of the money from outside sources and within two years he was able to report that all but £95.00 was on hand. He saw the Church completed but unfortunately was destined never to preach in it, he had worked so hard to give his people their Church that his health suffered and in 1892 he died at 39 years old.

The church was originally intended to be a missional church rooted in and involving the local community and it still aims to live up to that purpose today!

Gartcosh Church was built in 1929 after the steelworks to accommodate the expanding population. As many of the workers travelled from England it is notable that the structure of building has an English influence with the pulpit to the side and the font in the wall and the chancel in the centre. This was a hospitable gesture that would have been a welcoming site to those traveling North looking to join the community.

The church seats 350. It has been designed to work as both a sanctuary and a hall and the chairs are moveable. We use it as a hall during our twice yearly Fayres.

This community resource was originally intended to be a welcoming, flexible meeting point and we are carrying on in that tradition today!

We also have two beautiful stained glass windows made by Gordon Webster.

More information is available from the village Local History Club www.gartcoshhistory.com

In 1985, after vacancies in both churches, Glenboig was transferred from Hamilton Presbytery to Glasgow Presbytery and linked with Gartcosh. Both communities have undergone significant change in the last 30 years and this is a good opportunity to work together and support one another.

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T&C // Copyright © 2015 Gartcosh & Glenboig Parish Churches // Privacy Policy
T&C // Copyright © 2015 Gartcosh & Glenboig Parish Churches // Privacy Policy