PLEASE NOTE that during the Covid-19 restrictions our worship can be found in podcast format at https://gartglenchs.podbean.com or by calling 01236 809095, and select option 0 for the most recent available service.

In addition we have a Wednesday Evening 'Prayer Service' on 'Facebook Live' - click above on the 'f' logo to be taken to our Facebook site.

Ordinarily we have Morning Worship on Sundays 10.15am Gartcosh Parish Church; 11.45am Glenboig Parish Church.

Special Services are as announced.

You are most welcome to join us at Gartcosh and Glenboig Churches at any of our services. We want you to feel at home – there’s no dress code, or pressure to get involved more than you feel comfortable. If you just want to sit quietly during the service you are welcome to do so.

The minister will guide the congregation through the service (and there are printed service sheets available) which will typically consist of prayers – where we speak directly to God, songs, readings from the Bible and reflections led by our minister.

We gather together so as to grow stronger as a community of Christians. To support one another, to celebrate what is going well and to mourn what is not. We use the time to find out more about what is happening in our local, national and global community. It is a chance to worship God in many different ways.

There is an opportunity to make an offering of money. This is a form of worship as we offer God a portion of our money as a sign of our gratitude and as a contribution to the work of the church. There is no fixed amount or ‘suggested donation’. Please feel free to give what you are comfortable and able to do so. There’s no obligation to give and don’t worry if times are tight or you don’t have money on you. God doesn’t mind. What matters is more is our attitude, that we take some time to think we can offer materially and otherwise to the work of God here on earth. In the context of worship a larger ‘offering’ is not better than a small one. Our offerings are a symbol of our intention to support the work of the church as well as being a concrete way of doing so.

The talk or sermon, usually led by the minister, is an important part of our regular meetings. It is an opportunity to reflect on the Bible, on God’s plans for us and on local and global events. If something is raised during these sermons which you would like to explore more or perhaps you want clarification – feel free to speak to the minister or another member after the service. You might be interested in attending a study group or another such meeting.

Singing together is a chance to stretch our vocal chords and our imaginations. We use melody and poetry to access truths that would be hard to express in other ways. The songs we sing are varied with a mixture of traditional and contemporary, covering a range of topics from joy to sadness, hope to redemption. Whether we’re opera singers or we cannae carry a tune in a paper bag, God delights to hear us. Feel free to sing, hum, clap, sit quietly or gie it laldy!

T&C // Copyright © 2015 Gartcosh & Glenboig Parish Churches // Privacy Policy
T&C // Copyright © 2015 Gartcosh & Glenboig Parish Churches // Privacy Policy
T&C // Copyright © 2015 Gartcosh & Glenboig Parish Churches // Privacy Policy